Frequently Asked Questions
What can Northern Services provide to my company?

The short answer is solid craftsmanship, ethically grounded, with innovative solutions. We at Northern Services have worked at many of the Fortune 500 companies and the no name companies throughout the United States and Canada. We have learned methods and means of developing and producing ideas into make-able parts. We have worked on items as diverse as cassette tape cleaner prototypes to Mars Rovers. We have designed and written software for automation of fuselage bodies, and designed medical implants and surgical instruments. We have produced NC programs for complex aerospace parts, proof of concept widgets, as well as medical devices. We can do the job.

What specific product based expertise do your engineers have?

We have a wide range of services that we can provide.

CAD/CAM Systems: NX Unigraphics, CATIA Ver 4 and Ver 5, Solidworks with NCL, and complete APT expertise

Do Northern Services personel come to the client site?

This is completely up to you the customer. We can communicate through internet conferences, email, or visits to the customer. We can also contract people into your site, and work on your equipment, if that is your desire.

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